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Hailing from Salem, MA, Carnivora has made a name for themselves with their heavy hitting and catchy singles "Bogdweller" and "Witch City".

Inspired by early New England metalcore, Classic Metal, and Doom, their new single  "Reverdir" is the perfect concoction of rock n roll and heavy metal. Irizarry's anthemic chorus brings their songwriting to a whole new level.

Carnivora is endorsed by Orange Amps, Gator Cases, Sennheiser, & Legator Guitars

"Vocalist Haydee Irizarry implements clean vocals that send the song into orbit before her gutterals crash back into Earth's ugly chasm." - Bogdweller, Metal Injection 2019

Left to Right: Michael Meehan (Guitar), Cody Michaud (Guitar), Haydee Irizarry (Vocals), Daniel Delucia (Drums), and Justin Brown (Bass). Photographed by Giuliana Gilardo

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